Hands Free Socket- Hands free motion sensor lights up rooms when you enter



Model PIR720R

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Hands Free Socket


Item # A-5812


Were sorry this item has been discontinued

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You're more likely to trip or fall in a dark stairway or entryway if
you can't see unexpected obstacles.
This hands-free motion sensor
lights up the room when you enter, allowing you to use both hands
to carry things
or open cabinets or closets.





  -Automatically turns light on/off when entering/leaving a room

  - Perfect for Laundry rooms, basements, garages and closets.

  - Never fumble for the switch again

  - Installs into existing light socket

  - Senses movement in all directions within a 15 foot range

  - No wiring needed


***Cannot be used in an enclosed shade

***Cannot be used with fluorescent light bulbs





 3-Year Limited Warranty       





1-866-377-3637 or sales@espenergy.com 









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