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Equalizer Booster Fan


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Register Booster Fan- Boost airflow from your register




Equalizer® EQ2 Register Booster™  


Equalizer Booster Fan-

Technical Data









Motor Size:

.35 amps

Automatically boosts heated or cooled air for year round comfort
Only patented register airflow booster with high efficiency fan system
Pulls up to 80% air from registers
3 user adjustable controls: operation, temperature setting and sensitivity
Thermostat range exceeds 50°F to 100°F to meet a wide range of applications
Fits over most floor and wall registers up to 6" x 12"
Can operate on less than 4¢ a day. Designed to be energy efficient
Simple place and plug convenience

Not recommended for use on ceiling vents
1 full year limited warranty
UL & ULC listed, conforms to ANSI/UL Standard 705 & CSA Standard 22.2


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1- Year Limited Warranty




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