Booster Fans for registers to move airflow room to room.




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Register Airflow Booster 

Automatically boosts heated/cooled air for year round comfort.  Pulls up to 80% more air from registers.

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Flush Mount Register Booster

Increases airflow to under performing registers improving comfort to rooms that are too

hot or too cold.

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Doorway Frame Fan

Circulate air quietly. Easy to install.

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Thruwall™ fan 

Transfers air from room to room,

balances room temperatures for year round comfort. Easy to install. Plug In.


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The ThruWall™ Pro Room to Room Fan

balances temperatures in adjoining rooms, quietly and efficiently, for year round comfort. Hardwired


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2-Speed Professional In Line Duct Fan


Boost Air Flow. Available in 6"- 10" sizes 



Fantech Inline Fans

This tough protective shell allows the fan

to be mounted in outdoor and wet locations.


ProAxial 4-Pole In-Line Duct Fans™ 

For larger ducts that require commercial grade power and performance

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ZoneMaster Climate Control Kits

Control temperature in a single room independent of house thermostat. Open/Close ducts to one room or zone automatically.


In-Line Duct Fans

Boost airflow to selected areas

 Installation is easy. Available in 4" to 12".




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Duct Muffler

Reduces noise emitting from 

register grilles. Lessens sound traveling from one

zone to another.