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Duct Stat FAQ

What will a DuctStat do for me?
The DuctStat Line Voltage Thermostat greatly simplifies the installation of the power supply to any of our Inductor In-Line Duct Booster Fans.

Tell me how it simplifies the installation:
When you install an Inductor, it often happens to be in a location far from your furnace system. Air has a long run to those areas and loses much of its volume and heat (cool in the summer) along the way.
This also means that the wire you must run has to go a long distance.
Perhaps you have dry walled ceiling in you basement, making it difficult if not impossible to run a wire from the Inductor to the furnace for operating power.
No matter what reason, the DuctStat allows you to control the automatic ON/OFF function of your Inductor locally, both for winter heating and summer cooling.

Where do I install the DuctStat?
The preferred location of the DuctStat is just ahead (downstream) from the Inductor fan but not closer than 8 inches. Otherwise, anywhere on a duct where it can sense heated or cooled air.

How do I install the DuctStat?
The DuctStat is an electronic temperature sensitive line voltage thermostat, meaning it switches a 110-120 Volt AC outlet on the front panel ON and OFF depending on the user preset temperature.
It mounts on the duct in which your Inductor is installed with 2 or 4 sheet metal screws. You will make a small " hole in the metal duct before installing the DuctStat. The DuctStat has a corresponding hole in the back of the housing. This allows a small amount of air to flow through the DuctStat over the temperature-sensing element, thus sensing if your furnace is running (heated air) or if your air conditioner is running (cooled air).

Can I build a DuctStat into a wall, i.e. drywall or panel over it?
No. The DuctStat must remain accessible. You will have to switch the function switch to HEAT for the winter and COOL for the summer. You may also need access for service, cleaning or to replace the front panel fuse.

Can I use it to control other stuff depending on temperature?
Yes. Simply mounted on a wall, the DuctStat will sense ambient temperature and turn device ON or Off at a user selected temperature.
You may control any device with a 5 Amp maximum load such as: a warning siren or light, electric operated vent louver, the  ThruWall Fan, Airiva Heat Recovery Ventilators, solar panel fans, greenhouse louvers or fans, etc.

How many Inductor fans can I control with the DuctStat?
The maximum load is 5 Amp. Simply add up the Amp rating and do not exceed 5 Amp.

Can I switch loads greater than 5 Amp?
No. However, you can switch a large relay ON and OFF with the DuctStat. You maximum load is now determined by the current capacity of that relay.

How do I get 110-120 Volt AC power to the DuctStat?
The DuctStat has a 6 feet long power cord with a grounded plug. Simply plug it into the nearest outlet. If you do not have an electric outlet within 6 feet, you will have to install one.

How do I connect the Inductor to the DuctStat?
You will have to install a cord and grounded plug assembly on the Inductor. That plug will simply plug into the outlet on the front of the DuctStat.

What is the temperature adjustment range of the DuctStat?
The user selectable temperature range (ON/OFF switching range) of the DuctStat is approximately 40F (4C) to 110F (43C).

How sensitive is the DuctStat?
The electronic circuitry is very sensitive. The sensing element will react to changing temperatures in a few seconds. The differential between ON and OFF can be selected by the user to be 3F and 6F with a Min-Max switch on the control panel.
The higher 6F differential setting is provided to reduce possible ON/OFF cycling of the thermostat when temperature increases or decreases are not smooth.

How safe is the DuctStat?
The DuctStat has been rigorously tested to the standards of Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL). The housing is made of a high strength ABS - Polycarbonate, flame retardant alloy. The electronics and panel outlet are fused by a replaceable 5 Amp panel fuse. Internally, the unit has two additional levels of fuse protection.
Both the power cord and panel outlet are 3-prong grounded.

How much power does the DuctStat use?
The standby power consumption of the DuctStat is minimal. Less than 2 Watts.


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