Fantech Premium Bath Fans




Available units

Vent Only- Single Grille Retrofit Conversion Kit Vent Only- Dual Grilles
PB110 Bath Fan
110 CFM fan, one Ceiling Grille
and grille housing with damper. Uses 4" duct.

BFRK100 Retrofit
120 CFM, duct reducers, insulated flex duct, wire and accessories. Use with existing fan housing and grille.

PB2702 Premium Bath Fan
with Dual Grilles

270 CFM fan, two Ceiling Grilles, two grille housings with dampers and Y-adapter (4x4x6). Uses 4" and 6" duct.







A New Level of Flexibility

Unlike standard exhaust fans, the motor of a Fantech fan mounts in a location away from the living area such as an attic. Small unobtrusive Ceiling Grilles, with or without lights, can be mounted in multiple locations over the shower, the toilet and/or the tub then ducted to the remote fan to quickly and efficiently whisk away moisture, steam and odors. One fan can also be used to ventilate two bath-to-back baths.

Superior CFM at higher static pressure
• 100% speed controllable
• Rated for continuous duty
• Models available for use with 4" and 6" duct
Bath Fans & Fans with Lights – Single Grilles
Clear the air in smaller baths and powder rooms with the help of a Fantech Premium Bath Fan or Bath Fan with Light.

A small-scale grille mounts in the ceiling while the fan motor mounts in a remote location away from the living area. The result is quiet yet powerful ventilation that is sure to protect your home from the damaging effects of moisture, steam and mold.

Contractor Friendly Installation

Fantech Premium Bath Fans are “flex duct friendly” making installation fast and easy. We recommend:

1. Use insulated flexible duct. (Insulated flex duct allows sound from the fan to dissipate gradually so that it can not be heard in the bathroom.)

2. Ideally you should have at least 8 feet of flex duct between ceiling grilles and fan.

3. If applicable, use multiple ceiling grilles or ceiling grilles with lights.