Self Driven LightBar LED


Applications: Sports book & Gaming, Cove Lighting, Mood, Accent & Indirect Lighting, Freezer/Cold Case, Wall Washing.

Used in Sports Book & Gaming, Hospitality/Casino, Commercial Office, Residential


Exhaust KitsFully dimmable- with any incandescent dimmer.

Exhaust KitsWhen three or more sections are snapped together, light levels are dimmable from 100% - 0%.

Exhaust Kits50,000 hours

Exhaust KitsSelf driven built-in driver with  no additional installation for driver

Exhaust KitsPlugs directly into existing power- 120 VAC

Exhaust KitsSnap together- Sections snap together with a simple plastic connector. Makes a run by snapping the one-foot sections together for any length desired.

Exhaust Kits5- year warranty

Exhaust KitsAvailable in 9, 12, or 18 LEDs

Exhaust KitsOnly uses 1.2 - 2.4 watts based on size


Available Self Driven LightBar LEDs