Magnetic Vent Cover for registers- Cover unused vents in your home

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Magnetic Vent Cover

Item # A-5813


Price: $12.99


Shipping Information

$10.85 Flat Rate Shipping




Features Include:

 -Covers air vents in unused rooms in your home

 -Redirect airflow to needed areas for added comfort

 -Magnetically seals the air from passing thru closed vents

 -Paint or wallpaper the cover to match your decor

 -3 in each Pack ordered

 -Size 8 x 15 inches


The vent MUST be made out of steel for the vent cover to adhere to the vent. We recommend to test the vent with a  magnet to make sure the vent cover will stick. A common refrigerator magnet will properly tell you if the vent cover will stick. 



****DO NOT cover forced air system returns.

****DO NOT cover too many registers at once





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