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Automatic Outdoor 

Light Timer


Item # A-6294


Were sorry this item has been discontinued


Automatic Outdoor Light Timer





Highly versatile control with choice of operating modes
Photo on / timer off mode provides automatic on at dusk, off at 2, 4, 6 or 8 hrs
Photo on / photo off mode offers automatic on at dusk, off at dawn
Use with outdoor lighting and holiday scenes

Manual override ON/OFF switch. Grounded, compact 6 inch cord. Maximum ON Time: 8 hours. 

Minimum ON Time: 2 hours.



Technical Data

Timer Functions: Turns on electrical load at dusk off at timed settings.

Connector: Pre-wired with Plug Connector

8.3 Amps, 1000 Watts Resistive; 8.3 Amps, 1000 Watts Tungsten, 120 V.A.C.

10 amp capacity

Operating Temperature: -35C to +40C

83 Amps

1000 Watts Resistive and Tungsten

120 VAC, 60 Hz

Length: 5.75"

Width: 7"

Operating Temperature: -35C to +40C.


Warranty Information

1- Year Limited Warranty