ThruWall FAQ

What is the difference between the two ThruWall fans?
We have two ThruWall fans available, the ThruWall (model number TW108) and the ThruWall Pro (model number TW208P.)

-The ThruWall has a 10 foot grounded plug while the ThruWall Pro needs to be hardwired into the homes electricity.
-The ThruWall has a 2-speed motor while the ThruWall Pro has a variable speed motor.
-The ThruWall has a fixed output grille while the ThruWall Pro has a rotating grille that allows airflow direction to be changed.

What will a ThruWall fan do for me?
The ThruWall fan is designed to move significant volumes of air from one space in a building to the next.

Why would I want to move air from one space to another?
You may want to move heat from a central heating source to an adjacent space. Similarly, you may want to move cooled air from a window air conditioner to an adjacent space.
In other applications:
-Move heated or cooled air from one room to another if there is a great difference in temperatures between the two rooms. i.e. one room is nice and warm in the winter. The room next to it, located over an unheated space is always cold. Simply blow air from the warm to the cold room.
-Vent a room that always seems stuffy.
-Move air in or out of an All Season room.
-Vent a TV or family room with a smoker.
-Balance temperature between rooms in a hotel suite or small apartment that is heated and cooled by a PTAC.

How much air does a ThruWall move?
The ThruWall has a powerful 2-speed fan system.
On high speed air movement is 100 Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM).
On low speed air movement is 40 Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM).

Can I reverse the direction that the air flows?
No. You will determine the direction of the airflow when installing the ThruWall.

How much electricity does a ThruWall use?
The ThruWall uses 60 Watts while the ThruWall Pro uses 40 Watts. Similar to a medium sized light bulb.

How do I control fan speed?
The ThruWall has a High - Low speed rocker switch with Center Off position. The ThruWall Pro has a variable speed dial.

How quiet is the ThruWall?
Very quiet. The sound levels are 51dBA on high speed and 49dBA at low speed. This sound level compares to the sound of a desktop computer fan.

How do I get power to the ThruWall?
The ThruWall has a 10 foot long power cord with grounded plug. The ThruWall Pro will need to be hard-wired into the homes electricity.

In what wall thickness can I install a ThruWall?
The ThruWall installs in any wall 3.5" to 6.5" thick. The two halves of the fan unit telescope to accommodate different wall thickness.

Is a ThruWall safe?
Yes. Both ThruWall fans have been rigorously tested to the Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (ULŪ) standards. The through the wall portion of the housing is made of galvanized sheet metal, the grilles are high impact flame retardant ABS. The electric motor is a Class B, Thermally Protected motor.


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