AEV Air Exchanger
An Air Exchanger Ventilator (AEV) is designed to provide fresh air into a building while exhausting an equal amount of stale air. During the winter months, the incoming cold fresh air is warmed by mixing it with return air before it is supplied to the home. During summer months when the indoor space is air conditioned, the AEV will help in cooling the incoming fresh air with the stale air that is being exhausted.




Fantech RVF Series

Exterior Centrifugal Fans for Round Ducts

From conference rooms to bathrooms, RVF fans are the perfect way to free up valuable interior space. Versatile, efficient RVF Series fans are excellent choices for dryer boosting, bath and kitchen ventilation when space is an issue




Fantech FG Series-

Airtight galvanized steel housing, includes mounting

bracket. Suitable for commercial ventilation and

residential installations, including kitchen range hood

exhaust applications