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Wall mounted motion sensor




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Typical Applications

Ideal for restrooms with stalls

Private offices where the occupant turns his back to the sensor

Storage rooms with obstructions.


Dual Technology in a Wall Switch Sensor! The New WSD-PDT programmable sensor is by far the most powerful Decorator occupancy sensor ever invented. The combination of Passive Infrared with patented Microphonics™, allows this sensor to literally “See & Hear” its occupants. Ideal for restrooms with stalls, private offices where the occupant turns his back to the sensor, or storage rooms with obstructions.

• Patented Dual Technology with PIR / Microphonics Detection

• Self-Contained Relay - No Power Pack needed

• Auto Sensitivity Adjustment (AGC)

• Interchangeable hot & load wires

• Small Motion Detection up to 20 feet

• Intrinsically Grounded

• No Minimum Load Requirements

• Time Delay: 30 sec. to 20 minutes

• 3-Way and Multi-Level Switching Compatibility

• Green LED indicator

• Available in White, Ivory, or Grey

Can be used with fluorescent lighting

Sensors with Passive Dual Technology (PDT) first “See” motion using Passive Infrared (PIR) and then engage Microphonics™ to “Hear” sounds that indicate continued occupancy. This patented technology uses Automatic Gain Control (AGC) to dynamically self adapt a sensor to its environment by filtering out constant background noise and detecting only noises typical of human activity. When occupancy is detected, a self-contained relay switches the lighting “On. The sensor is line powered and can switch line voltage (see specifications). An internal timer, factory set at 10 minutes, keeps the lights “On” during brief periods of no activity. This timer is push-button programmable from 30 seconds to 20 minutes, and is reset every time occupancy is re-detected. If needed, a 10 second grace period also allows the lights to be voice reactivated after shutting off.

Area of Coverage

Small motion (e.g. hand movements) detection up to 20 ft

• Large motion (e.g. walking) detection up to 50 ft

• Wall-to-Wall coverage

• Vandal resistant option (-V) decreases range by 50%

• Microphonics™ detects normal human activity up to 20 feet, but will detect

  greater distances in spaces with hard floors or very quiet rooms with little or no

  background noise

Area of Coverage Sheet pdf form

Three-Way Switching

Typically in hallways and stairwells, a WSD-PDT replaces each 3-way or 4- way switch. The travelers are used to wire the sensors in parallel. If the entire room can be viewed from one switch location (i.e., conference room with two doors), tie the travelers together to one of the WSD-PDT’s Black wires. The other switch becomes non-functional.

Optional Features

• Optional Vandal Resistant

• Optional No-Switch Models

• Optional Photocell/Daylight Override. 

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The WSD-PDT sensor replaces the standard toggle switch. With its patented "either or" wiring system, installation couldn’t be easier. Both the line and load wires are interchangeable, and the sensor is intrinsically self-grounding. The sensor has a metal strap through which the mounting screws are placed, thus when installed in a metal box the unit automatically grounds itself. This eliminates wiring errors and meets all NEC grounding requirements.

Installation Notes:

• Heat producing sources controlled by the sensor must not be in the view pattern of the sensor. If sensor cycles or appears to continually stay "On", move sensor or mask lens segments that view the source.

• Avoid locating sensor near HVAC air diffusers because the "noise" generated from air flow will decrease the sensitivity of the Microphonics™ sensor.


• Physical Specs

    •Weight: 5.00oz

    •Size: 4.2” H x 1.8” W x 1.5” D (10.67 x 4.57 x 3.81 cm)

    •Color: Ivory, White, Gray, and Almond

    •Mounting: Single Gang Switch Box

    •Mounting Height: 30-48 in. (76.2 to 121.9 cm)


•Environmental Specs

    •Relative Humidity: 20 to 90% non-condensing

    •Operating Temp: 14º to 85º F (-10° to 29° C)

    •Storage Temp: -14º to 160º F (-26° to 71° C)


•Electrical Specs

    •Load Rating (1 Phase Only): 800 W @ 120 VAC, 1200 W @ 277 VAC,  1500 W @ 347 VAC

    •Frequency: 50/60 Hz (Timers are 1.2 times for 50 Hz)



    •UL, CUL, and CSA Listed

    •California Title 24 Compliant

    •5 Year Warranty

    •Made in U.S.A.


Warranty Information

• 5 Year Warranty   


Spec Sheets

WSD-PDT Spec Sheet pdf form

Area of Coverage Sheet pdf form

Wiring Diagram pdf form